Monday, November 13, 2006

Motive Bison Stampede Half Marathon - 11/12/2006

I write this with sore legs and a big smile.

This was officially my second half marathon to do. The first being Freescale at the beginning of the year. The difference? I completed this race nearly twenty minutes faster, with a time of 1:41:34.

The weather was optimal, a brisk 50 degrees at the start. Perfect for the 13.1 mile trek. The first few miles felt effortless, though I kept checking my watch to make sure I maintained my pace... as the big descent (first hill of the course) hit at mile 4. The 'King of the Hill' challenge was at mile ~5-6. This, ever so appropriately named challenge went by rather quickly, and in retrospect, I should have gone a little slower, as it took much longer for me to recover than in my previous training runs at the same point. I finished the king of the hill mile in 7:41.

Next came mile 7-9, when a major cramp hit right under my heart, and slowed things down quite a bit. I did some breathing techniques, and thankfully the pain subsided to allow me to pick up my pace and continue towards the finish.

The final miles flew by and I was joined at the finish line by my coach, wife and friends. Another GREAT race is now over. Distance challenge number 3 - DONE!

Chip time: 1:41:34
Average pace: 7:45

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Girl Scouts-Lone Star Council's Scenic 10 Miler- 10/22/2006

What a cold morning. The first two miles were brutal, but fun. Running on concrete took a little adjusting to. Overall this was a very cool race. I'd like to thank my buddy Jim-bo for running it with me. Without his elbows constantly hitting me, and the awesome gu I kept on pounding, I'm not sure how this would have turned out. Distance challenge event 2 - done!

1st 5 miles: 38:27.9, pace : 7:41
2nd 5 miles: 37:10.9, pace : 7:26
overall time: 1:15:38.8
overall pace: 7:34

Monday, November 06, 2006

IBM Uptown Classic 10K - 10/1/2006

The first of the distance challenge races! It was a hot, muggy day out, but the race was full of energy and lots-o-fun!

First 5K: 23:18.9, 7:28 (pace)
Second 5K: 22:57.3, 7:21 (pace)
Chip time: 46:16.8
Average pace: 7:27