Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 AT&T Austin Marathon

This is a road race. Many of you have heard me say I never plan on running on the roads again, since I picked up trail running. Well, this was confirmed today at the marathon.

5.6 miles: 48:23, pace: 8:38/M
10 miles: 1:26:50, pace: 8:41/M
15 miles 2:11:40, pace: 8:47/M
20 miles: 3:00:51, pace: 9:03/M
Finish: 3:59:41, pace: 9:09/M

Finish time: 03:59:42

RIGHT under 4 hours.... Yeah, after doing this in 3:34:59 last year, it's easy to say I didn't PR.

This year I had run a 100K the month before (January) and a 50 miler the month before that (December), so after nearly 140 miles of racing in less than 90 days, I'm good with a 3:59:42... but it just shows EVERY second counts.