Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rocky Hill Ranch 25K - April 19th 2008

This was my third year on the course. Each time something very special happens.

2006 was my first trail race, and I placed 3rd in my age group for the 25K
2007 was my first ultramarathon, the 50K
2008 was my first race with my brother John (see pic above), and his first trail race - the 25K

Around a month after the 2008 AT&T marathon I was back to running as usual, but I started to get really weird knee pain... After a few days of trying to ‘run through it’ I finally decided to go see a doctor. Ends up I had some IT band issues caused by a combination of lack of stretching and recovery exercises while training. This was enough to rethink my initial thoughts of doing the 50-miler, then my secondary thoughts of ‘just’ doing the 50k. After John signed up, and as I began to understand my injury the 25K was the best and least damaging option.

And what a great time it was. No pressure, no fuss. John and I ran side by side during the whole race. From the slow start to the strong finish we kicked that course’s ass. 3 years in a row. A BIG thanks to race director Joe Prusaitis and all of the volunteers for making this race happen. Year after year it never seems to disappoint me.

25K results - Place # / Time / Name
30 / 2:54:40 / John Williams
31 / 2:54:40 / Peter Williams

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