Saturday, June 30, 2007

2007 Rogue Trail Series

These past few months have been fun. I've been training with the Rogue Pike's Peak group in preparation for the Pike's Peak Ascent and while doing so have been able to race in all three of the Rogue Trail Series races. I completed all three in the 30K distance.

overall position in the series: #25 with a cumulative time of 9:46:41

Individual race times and reviews:
The Maze: 3:01:07
This race was the first in the series. The rolling hills in this course were abundant but fun. At times I felt like I was in boot camp from all the foot work going up then down, through a water crossing, up then down, then through another stream of water. The race was also broken into three 10K loops, which made it fun for spectators and runners alike to see each other each time around. I finished strong and felt good after. I really ran this more as a training run than as a race, so taking a little time to enjoy myself made it all the more worthwhile.

The Loop: 3:04:43
A lot hotter this time around... The course also had many little plateau size steps which slowed my pace down a bit going up hill and added for a little knee intense downhill action. On my third lap I finished less than 1/100th of a second ahead of a friend who unknowingly had been ahead of me the during the whole race. After, we drank some beer and relaxed. Another fun summer trail race. Oh yeah, and Caitlin came to this one also and taped. Her taping skills are awesome. I'm planning on getting a bit of video edited and posted online soon.

The Belt: 3:40:51
What a fun race. This time it was one 30K loop all on the greenbelt were we do our training runs 3-4 times a week. It was fun, fresh and diverse, with deep water crossings to boot. I ran even a little slower on this one as well, but honestly I could have gone much faster. It was the most technical of all three course routes for me, which is great because it also became one of the most challenging as well (in a good way).

All the final results are on here.

If I can find my pics, I'll also post them here. Until Pike's....! Wish me luck training.

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